Pedro's Angus: 2151 Harris Road, Hamilton, OH 45013 • Phone: (513) 839-0656


BioSecurity Johnes Free herd

All cattlemen need to be concerned about the exposure their herd has. Pedro's Angus has a closed herd and has taken extensive measures to ensure your purchase will not jeopardize the health of your herd. Our staff has completed the Beef Quality Assurance and Beef Cattle Care training. We have a totally closed herd. We bring in genetics through A.I. only.

We offer free delivery on all bulls. Our trailers are disinfected before bulls are delivered and again when the trailer returns. NO OUTSIDE LIVESTOCK TRAILERS ARE PERMITTED ON OUR FARMS. Our vaccination program meets or exceeds the most stringent requirements. When your bull is delivered you receive a copy of the current Breeding Soundness Exam and health papers. The health documents are from prenatal to delivery.

Once you have made a selection we offer free housing until you are ready for delivery.

In addition to being inspected by the USDA we are certified free of TB, Brucellosis and Johnes from our annual testing since 1994. Before semen is collected all bulls are tested for: TB, BRUC-ST, BRUC-CF, BLV-AG, BTV-EL (NVSL), BVD-BV, EHD-AG, IBR-SN (011), US-SN, LEPTO-AG, PARA-EC, JOHNES. If you have additional questions regarding our Bio Security please contact us. International travelers please contact us before visiting the farms..