EPDs are only as accurate as the people collecting the data. Gathering accurate data has become an obsession at Pedro's Angus. The integrity of our EPDs allows our customers to make sound management decisions regarding their breeding program. Angus bulls with balanced growth and carcass EPDs are the backbone of our breeding program.
The most recent group of bull calves weaned at 714 pounds, with the highest at more than 800 pounds. This was achieved with no supplemental feed (no creep feed) but rather pasture and momma's milk. Forage animals' performance can only be accurately measured if the diet is not artificially supplemented. In order to qualify, a yearling bull must have a rate of gain of 3 pounds per day or greater at weaning (205 days).
The list of AI sires used includes the following:
Schurrtop 77527 2063
Mytty in Focus
Pedro's Mytty 8414
Pedro's New Design 8622
Ambush 813 185
Bon View New Design 1407
 GAR Predestined
GDAR Game Day 449

Note: All AI calves come with DNA Parent Verification Papers!

All sales are private treaty (sold at the farm). You may take possession of bulls after 1 year of age when breeding soundness exams, ultrasounds, and yearling weights have been collected.
If you pick out a bull less than 1 year old, we will house him at no cost until you are ready for him. We encourage buyers to examine not only the bulls but their mothers and herd mates, as well.
Our bulls are balanced for: low birth weight, good disposition, halter broken, high growth, and positive carcass traits.
Please contact us for a current listing of Bulls for Sale.

Bull #3897.

Stand Off:  A herd Bull confronted by 50 young bulls, divided by a small temporary electric fence.  The young bulls decided to retreat. 

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